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Ausangate : is the fifth highest mountain in Peru , its maximum altitude is 6,372 meters. It is located about 100 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco .
In Inca mythology of this mountain and the nearby lakes - among which Sibinacocha -  born the male energy that fertilizes Mother Earth Pachamama , after a long discourse , the waters are lost in the unknown lands of the Amazon to return , to fill the lakes and glaciers every night turned into the river of stars or Willkamayu known in the West as the Milky Way. The Community of Chillca constituted by herders of llama and alpaca is known as the guardian of these beautiful places from where you can do hikes mountain spending the night in comfortable lodges or inns, among which Machuracay Tambo , on a trekking path called the Apu Ausangate
First Day. Ausangate
Departure: 1:00 p.m. Cusco - Tinke, camp in Tinke .

Second Day
7:00 A.M. will walk from Tinke to Upis in 6 hours. During this trip we will visit the community of Upis . Upis is situated 4,400 meters above sea level and there lives 5 or 6 families about . This day we walk very close to the snow of Ausangate . At the end of the day, camp.

Third Day
7:00 A.M. We started our day with breakfast at Upis . Then we walk to Arapa which is about 7 hours away. Arrive at Arapa mountain pass where we can enjoy a lovely view of a beautiful chain of lakes and mountains surrounded by rock formations. This place is situated at 4850 meters above sea level.
Fourth Day
7:00 A.M.  we walk from the Mountain "Paso Arapa" to the passage of Ausangate to take approximately eight hours of walking. During this part of the way we will see the Yanaccocha lake and other breathtaking high mountains. This pass has an altitude 4750 meters.
Fifth Day
trek from Ausangate to Huchuy Finaya which is roughly seven hours. At this point of the trip we will have a magic view on high mountains like Maria Huamantilla , Ausangate , Santa Catalina , Parco Calle . All these mountains are at 6372 meters above sea level and have snow formations that look like caves.

Sixth Day
From Huchuy Finaya we walk to Pacchanta . This walk will take around 7 hours and on our way we will visit the hot springs of Pacchanta , which is as the name says a union of paths.

Seventh Day
This day we leave Pacchanta, and walked to Tinke  in two hours . In Tinke, we take the car back to Cusco and our trip to Ausangate come to end .

















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